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Alarm Display / Print

The fireplan Alarm Display shows the following information:

  • Alerting keyword
  • Additional Information
  • AAO
  • FMS-State
  • Job site address
  • Map section of the target area






The intentionally clear structure is supposed to enable a quick information gathering process without the need to be close to the monitor.

The header of the display in alarm-mode can be depicted in several different colors. For every alerting keyword a color can be defined. This enables an easy visual distinction based on the type of mission (e.g. red for fire).The shown AAO is complemented by the FMS-status of the different vehicles and moreover enables the displaying of FMS-states of vehicles of adjacent fire brigades.

If an alarm comes in the alarm display automatically changes to the mode described above. In sleep mode it is possible to depict certain information on the display. Here you can choose between a black screen, the indication of date and time and a DWD weather map, as well as a combination or passing through of those information.

On any printer a predetermined number of mission dispatches can be printed. Those include a summary of the alarm message and provide an approaching route.

The Alarm Display is independent of a server, an internet connection or any type of VPN connection. Only the summary of the alarm text and approaching route can not be provided on the printable mission dispatch in case of a failing internet connection.

The fireplan Alarm Display and Alarm Print are therefore an ideal solution for fire brigades that want to improve the distribution of information and make their missions more transparent.

Team- / Response Monitor

The fireplan team monitor is used to show the response of alerted fire fighters. In that way it can be seen at a glance how many and which fire fighters are participating in a mission. In order to do so we also use the E-Mail and SMS-alarm integrated in fireplan.




In fireplan you can define if an additional alarm via SMS and/or via E-mail shall be received or not. Besides general information like mission keyword, location or e.g. details concerning a building, two personalized links will be send as well: "coming" and "not coming". If the alerted person is clicking one of the links on either a PC, Tablet or Smartphone, the corresponding response is shown along with the name on a monitor in the fire station.





Besides that name it is also indicated whether the person is suited for missions including respiratory equipment. Compared to existing solution on the marked there are four important differences:

  • Only relevant and important information is indicated.
  • The Team monitor is part of the administration software and not an independent solution. In that way all information is delivered, without the need of additional data handling.
  • No additional costs for licensing,  maintenance or usageEntstehen 
  • You have a contact person for issues concerning the team monitor, AlarmDisplay, SMS / E-mail alarm and administration software.

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Additional Alarm via SMS / E-Mail

For an optimal distribution of information we can send out a SMS as well as an E-Mail to the fire fighters, including the alarm message. Who is messaged by SMS or/and Mail is your decision. You can make that decision for every fire fighter individually. 

This is especially useful in places (e.g. office) where radio signal is low, but mobile signal is high. If available, the message can be transmitted based on RIC, as well.



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Automatic Mission Report incl. FMS State Recognition

If am alarm is recognized via radio or an SMS from the fire station, fireplan automatically opens a new mission report and enters all available information conveyed in the alarm message.

If you like, all vehicles will be, based on the alarm and response regulation, recognized as marched out and the corresponding FMS State is registered.

Fireplan works  completely independent of an Internet connection and therefore offers the reliability that is needed during a mission.



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