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All our prices consist of one time costs for licensing purposes as well as yearly costs for a service contract including hosting, backups, all updates, support, SMS credit, etc.

Please notice that our license model differs from common license models with respect to the following aspects:

  • No clearing of modules. All modules and functions are included at any time.
  • No limitations with regard to the amount of users. That means simultaneous access of an unlimited amount of users is possible.
  • No limitations with regard to the number of installations. Fireplan can be installed on an unlimited amount of PC's per location.
  • All updated (new functions, improvements, etc.) are included in the service contract.
  • The mobile license enables flexible usage of fireplan on various devices like notebooks, workstations or tablets.
  • You can access fireplan at any time and do not have to decide between a workstation, a local client server or a purely web based solution.
  • No server is needed. This is why no additional costs for licenses, usage, energy, etc. have to be incurred.
  • VPN is not needed to avoid additional costs for licenses or usage.
  • Functions like the the supporting alarm functions e.g. the alarm display or the team response monitor are already included. No addition costs for licenses or service will be incurred.

Often those points are neglected when comparing prices. Please keep those in mind. 

Request an offer free of charge.


Modern Hybrid Approach: Hosted MS SQL data base in high performance, security data center

The computing center we use is one of the first certified with ISO/IEC 27018. It offers protection of personal data in the cloud. ISO/IEC 27018 specifies requirements with respect to data protection for the cloud operator in order to ensure securing of personal data. Information regarding the location of data storage, disclosure duty in case of a violation of data security as well as a duty to supply information on request of law enforcement agencies, are part of the ISO/IEC 27018 requirements. The last point is only valid if the provision of that information is not prohibited by law. In addition to that client data should not be used for advertising purposes.

More information on the introduction of this new standard you can find in our article: "ISO/IEC 27018: Der neue Datenschutz-Standard für Cloud-Dienste."

More links covering the topic of computing centers:


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When sighting the information above, please keep in mind that we are only use "SQL Azure data base" and "Azure storage". The mentioned certifications apply only to the actual data base, but not to the application itself. However, in the application data will not be saved at any point in time.

In addition to the information mentioned about concerning security and recoverability, we also back up your data.

Those can be found on any fireplan-computer with a local data base in your  department or in your central data base as well as on a data backup file on Azure storage.

If needed data can be integrated into another security concept since that data is stored in your local SQL data bases.

Because you can export your data to Excel at any time, additional options to keep your data are available.


Often we experience a certain phenomenon when talking to cities and municipalities. Their networks still include PC's with an old Windows XP system software. We evaluate that to be very critical. When talking about data security or privacy this is contrary to the requirements of a secure overall concept.

Our recommendation is to have uniformly and centrally administered PCs including a clearly defined Security-Management and an up to date system software. The fact that PCs with a Windows XP system software are still used is an increasing risk. Please refere to recent information concerning this topic:

If you are not having a support contract with Microsoft(Premier bzw. Extended Support or Extended Hotfix Agreement), you should initiate actions to adopt an recent system software. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

The underlying data security discussion came up almost every time we spoke to a city / municipality. Only one of those cities decided to only use the local alternative /special solution).

Conservative Approach: Using a local MS SQL data base.

If the information mentioned above should not be sufficient to eliminate all concerns with respect to data security, we offer you to use fireplan on your own local data base, as well.

In case you should consider this option, we would like to inform you about the following restrictions:


  • We do not guarantee constant availability of locally administered data ( standart solution _ 99,9% / month.)
  • We will nor back up your data. This is your responsibility. 
  • We cannot make any statements concerning speed or performance of the application because it is based on your local data base. Any type of analysis concerning this would be an extra effort.
  • We do not offer mobile access to your data (home office, mobile PC's, Tablets) This has to be operated by you.
  • The smart background synchronization including a local data base in case internet should be temporarily unavailable cannot be executed. The program can only be operated with using the internet or a connection to your provider's central data base. Therefore no system stability is guaranteed as in our standard solution.
  • We do not have access to your infrastructure. When it comes to support you can only rely on our best effort, which means that we can only offer a restricted amount of support.
  • There will be additional fees for initial setup. The exact amount is based on effort.
  • A unique service contract needs to be st up. General service contracts cannot be chosen.
  • The team monitor cannot be used.


We are happy to answer all further questions concerning that topic.

Modern Hybrid Approach: Hosted MS SQL data base in high performance, security data center

When choosing our standard solution you do not need a server or any other form of infrastructure. Internet access is sufficient. You simply set up fireplan on your PC, Notebook or Tablet and you are ready to go. We will take care of the rest. Use fireplan wherever you would like to. At home, at the office or at the appliance room. No complicated network connections (VPN) are needed. Due to the modern hybrid approach you are not restricted to Terminal- Server or Websolutions that will not give data access in case the provider is facing difficulties or the internet is temporarily unavailable. Fireplan can be used at any time, even offline.


Legacy Approach: Using a own local MS SQL Database (Client/Server)

Do you want to use your own SQL server in order to provide network access. Not a problem. Also this, slightly outdated, client server approach can be realized using fireplan. Just let us know abour your individual requests.


Please find our current system requirements here:


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