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In this section journalists can find all relevant information about CODE3 and fireplan.

In the download section you can find logos of CODE3 and fireplan, as well as pictures of the founders, events and the headquarter in Leinfelden-Echterdingen (near Stuttgart.)

Moreover you can download charts and screenshots, as well as TV footage produced commissioned by CODE3.

All materials (pictures, videos and documents) can be used for PR purposes at no costs. When doing so please pay attention to the following guidelines:

CODE3 is the sole owner of all servitudes offered on tis website. CODE3 only allows for commercial duplication and distribution for press purposes. Any other kind of commercial use is prohibited. Usage of the materials offered is only allowed if the company name "CODE3" is mentioned. Adaption of the materials is restricted to a change of picture size or length of TV footage. Those guidelines are valid for the CODE3 and fireplan logo, as well.


For further questions please get in touch with us: presse[at]

fireplan – Die Feuerwehr-Software!