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Adoption of Alarm Message

In a just a few minutes to an encompassing mission report.


As describes under "Auto Mission Report", in case am alarm comes in an new mission report is opened and filled with the alarm message, automatically. Moreover, the FMS-status of your vehicles can be gathered automatically. With this, a large portion of your overall mission report is already covered without anyone doing a manual entry, even before you return from the mission.


If a fire fighter stays in the fire station he can immediately set up a report into the already opened mission report and assign fire fighters that have already marched out to their vehicles. At the latest, after returning from the mission the report can be completed for deduction purposes. And all that, within just a few minutes!




FMS State Recognition


On the Alarm Display as well as on the mission report your FMS status can be shown. This fact significantly simplifies the filing of a mission report. As soon as a vehicle indicated a certain status, it is recognized via radio and is shown and recorded with date and time. In addition to that the alarm display offers the option to also show FMS states of vehicles of adjacent towns in order to see if other alertes vehicles are already marched out.

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Alarm and Response Regulations


Using fireplan you can save and configure your alarm and response regulations on your own. Here a differentiation between keywords, facility, location of the mission as well as day and night ist possible.

fireplan – Die Feuerwehr-Software!