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Intuitive Handling


Our focus is the intuitive handling of fireplan. Even at 3am and without any major experience with the use of computers, a firefighter has to be able to use the program properly. With this software no training is necessary. Due to that we created fireplan in a way that is similar to well-known Office programs in its appearance and functionality. The inhibition threshold of using the program decreases, acceptance and therefore the quality of data used for statistics, assessment and administration increases.

AlarmDisplay, Approach Route, SMS/E-Mail Alarm / Response Function

Display of mission details, maps of the missions location, temporary road closures. All these information can immediately be entered by the administration office. In addition to that a mission despatch including mission details and approach route information is automatically generated and printed. Moreover the option to communicate availability via an "attendant" / "not attendent-link" in a SMS or E-mail is provided. A modern, supporting alarm function is offered as an addition to the traditional message receiver. It all is integrated, complementary, from one source and without any complicated system requirements.

All from a single Source

All functions and services we offer come from a single source. We are there for you, also after installation. For example workshops (data administration, senior management, etc.) or the establishment / rearrangement of your website embedding fireplan is offered. For further information please refer to our offer.



High Level of Data Security

Thanks to our hybrid solution we can guarantee maximal system stability since a local copy of your data is available at any time. In addition to that the database availability is guaranteed to be 99,9% per month. A data backup can be done in real time and up to 3 month retrospectively. Moreover the option to back up your local SQL database is available, as well. 

The easy License Model


Fireplan is trying to meet the actual needs of fire brigades and does not overwhelm them with complex or impractical license models. We want as many people as possible to use fireplan in their fire stations. As often and from whatever place they want to. This is why we did neither restrict the number of simultaneous users, nor did we restrict the amount of possible installations.

fireplan – Die Feuerwehr-Software!