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fireplan is an integrated administration software for cities, municipalities and fire brigades of any size and kind, no matter if professional, plant or voluntary fire brigade. Irrespective of the amount of missions per year, more often than not requirements of fire brigades are consistent over time. For instance, personnel administration including trainings, routine health checks, promotions or tributes. Fireplan guarantees easy comprehension as well as ease of use. Over the course of 10 years it was continuously advanced by fire fighters. The preeminent lucidity combined with a user surface based on Microsoft Office®, as well as the numerous functions turn fireplan into a unique product. From supporting alarm functions to administrative and accounting functions - a one stop service!


Since 1991 Sascha Hoffmann is a member of the voluntary fire brigade in Leinfelden-Echterdingen. In 2001 he started developing a software that was supposed to simplify the city council's task of accounting for missions. Moreover his aim was to enable every fire fighter to work with that software, irrespective of their current experience in handling PCs.

In 2002 the founders Sascha Hoffmann and Bojan Slegel got to know each other during their apprenticeship as IT specialists in Stuttgart. The name "fireplan" was born. Sascha Hoffman kept on advancing fireplan using accumulated experience from fire exercises. By that time all four departments were using fireplan as their administration software and therefore helped to tailor fireplan even further to the specific needs of fire brigades.

After an extensive marked analysis in the field of administrative software for fire brigades in 2011, Sascha Hoffmann and Bojan Slegel decided to sell fireplan on the open market.

In 2012 the company CODE3 was founded. They advanced fireplan until it was ready for launch, including the different needs of fire brigades in different counties.


Attending their first trade fair in 2013, they penetrated the market and are offering fireplan to all kinds of fire brigades since than.

fireplan – Die Feuerwehr-Software!