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 No matter if yearly statistic, inventory, mission and exercise management, analyses of trainings and workshops or other reports. In fireplan we offer standardized analyses and reports. If your required analysis should not be included you can easily export all data into excel in order to compile your very own analysis. Based on your request we can include important, reoccurring reports in fireplan.

Personnel Data

Centrally saved personnel data offer several advantages:

  • redundant data maintenance is omitted 
  • no unnecessary "carrying around" of USB sticks
  • No redundant data. Same data everywhere in real time.
  • Option for a prompt deduction by town administrations.
  • Option for town administrations to take over certain tasks (e.g. training administration, updating of core data)

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 Central administration of trainings and workshops.

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Like missions, all exercises can also be documented with fireplan. If necessary cost rates can be chosen, respiratory protection journals can be maintained and abstinences can be accounted for. The analysis offers a good overview of the momentary participation in missions and exercises per fire fighter. 


You can also document errand or general trips. Include more transparency in your everyday business without spending much time for a complicated collection process. 

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Physical Examinations

Using fireplan you can create a history of physical examinations per fire fighter. Also due to the digital respiratory protection journal a journal in paper form is redundant. During exercises and missions all relevant information is documented. This enables a personal documentation obligation and a simplified G26 administration. Moreover in every personnel card all medical examinations are documented and supervised. 

Not only the fire fighter itself is reminded of upcoming appointments via mail, but also the commander. The integrated calendar is an additional support in this regard. The analyses form a third hedge and enable an overview of all upcoming due dates of fire men.



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Include and maintain all facilities in your catchment area (e.g. kindergarten). You can save attachments for these facilities like pictures, fire evacuation plans, information like the location of a BMZ, locations of dangerous goods or contact information. In case of an alarm you can print these information in addition to the usual mission despatch. Therefore, during the drive important information can be passed on to the team, contact persons at the location can be reached out to. 


Please contact us any time regarding the above points.

TÜV-inspections for vehicles or other GUV inspections can be documented. If needed you can also save checking controls (BGG/GUV-9102) of the DGUV. Data export to all common formats (*.pdf or *.xls) is possible. We also plan for an integration of respiratory test programs like for instance Labtec or Dräger.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Additionally you could also use this tool for the administration of hydrants. 

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Materials / Tools / Vehicles / Clothing Store

Clothing store, vehicles, respirators, hoses, extinguisher, etc. Keep everything in a central location with our material administration. Inspections, inspection intervals, cataloguing or stock issue. All this can be done with the material administration of fireplan. For ease of use we also support all forms of barcode readers and other reading devices (RFID, etc.). If inspection dates are entered the equipment manager will automatically be reminded via mail. 

fireplan – Die Feuerwehr-Software!